Pakistan’s gimmick

**Pakistan is playing gimmicks one after another, and Govt. of India is trying to make good relations with Pakistan under the pressure of America. He played a game of talk along with America to clean his image on international stage, but it had been proved affectation. It would be the weakness of Govt. of India if he had not take stand at his words that he will not participate in talk with Pakistan till he does not ban terrorism against India in his country. India left his stand and got ready to talk with Pakistan, in this way Pakistan has trapped India in his web. That is why he took rude attitude in talk he neither has left the issue of Kashmir nor he has agreed to solve the problem of terrorism. Why does Manmohan Govt. not understand the policy of Pakistan that he just wishes to keep India disturb. Having understood his intention, India should develop relations with him. This is the result of weak policy and lack of will power of India. Pakistan always deceives India, and advises him to establish cordial relations with him. India should reply him with his strong will and power, only then Pakistan could be pressurized.

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