A friend – in the morning

I had taken a bath and was dressing up, when the door bell rang up. I came out of the room and saw Naveen standing on the main gate of my house. On seeing him, I greeted him and said, ‘I am just coming down-stairs and you kindly wait in the clinic, as other members of the class are about to come’. He said to me, ‘why have our friends not come yet’? I told him that he had come before time, it was 20 past 8 by my watch and they would come about half past eight. I got ready hurriedly and went to the clinic where Naveen was waiting for us. I switched on the remaining light of the clinic, as only one tube-light had been lit before that. Naveen said to me, ‘what do you know about Phytolacca Berry in obesity’? I told him that I didn’t use it invariably in obesity, so I had a little experience of it. I suggested him to study it in the material-medica. I took out Clarks materia- medica and started reading it. When Dr. Nagar came to the class, we were studying Phytolacca Berry.

Sitting on a chair, Dr. Nagar advised us to study Natrum Mur from the Coulters book which was in his hand. We agreed with him and started reading Natrum Mur from it. We were reading Natrum Mur, Dr. Gupta entered the class.

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