A look on grey hair

A look on grey hair:

Generally hair start changing their color from dark to light even convert to grey after the age of forty. The age may vary from person to person. When I was in my teenage, a very few people used color to keep their hair black. That time it was considered luxury and was taken in negative way, although people were fashionable at that time also.

Now a day, most of the people who have grey hair use color to keep their hair black. It is true that it improves the outer personality of the people. Even then some aged people don’t like to use the color. Some children also feel uncomfortable when their parents use the colors. They think that it may harm their health.

There are many types of hair colors available in the market ranging from a few rupees to some hundreds in price. They are found in different forms also viz. – dye, colors, lotion, gel, powder and even comb, but all of them do the same job.

I also use color to keep my hair black. I use it once in a month, and generally after getting my hair cut.

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