A patient of Gall-Stone

A patient, Akansha came to my clinic in the evening today. She is my regular patient since she was unmarried. She showed me her ultrasound report of abdomen which she got done three days back. I checked her report and told her that there were nothing abnormal detected in the report. She was suffering from cholelithiasis, means stones in a gall-bladder, and hemorrhoids, and had been taking the treatment from me for a year. A year back, she came to me along with her medical examination report of abdomen. Max hospital, where she was examined and diagnosed, declared that she was suffering from cholelithasis. A surgeon in the hospital advised her to go for surgery immediately otherwise it might be turned into malignancy. The patient didn’t undergo for surgery and came to me to take a homeopathic solution for it. I explained about cholelithiasis and told her that only a   third of such cases could be benefitted with homeopathy. She requested me to start her treatment for the same. I began her treatment for gall-stone and piles too.

She was relieved of the pain of gall-stone and got rid of piles also. Her today’s ultrasound report of the abdomen declared that the stones in her gall-bladder had been removed. She and I were happy on the achievement.

She told me one more thing that she had shown her all the reports of the abdomen to some other doctor yesterday. The doctor told her that her first report of the ultrasound which showed stones might be wrong. The question arises, if the report were wrong and the patient’s gall-bladder had been removed surgically what would have happened. There is a possibility, it is a whim of the doctor that cholelithiasis can’t be treated with homeopathy. So he thinks that the ultrasound report where stones are clearly visible is wrong or what is present in his mind that I don’t know…. .

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