An old man came to the office a Municipal Councilor

An old man came to the office of a Municipal Councilor. His age would be above seventy, although he was not looking more than sixty two years old. He sat there and said to the councilor, ‘A spot on a road which is situated near his house is sinking. It is causing a big hole there. Every day some employees of the corporation fill it up with stones, scrapped bricks and clay etc. But the problem stands there.’ The councilor who is a lady said to him, ‘The problem is in my knowledge as I also live near by. Some other people have also complained for the same, and she has made four meetings with the officers of engineering department. They say that the pit is made because the water either from sewer pipe line or water pipe is leaking there and the water board may help to solve the problem. She explains one more thing that the troubled area falls into the territory of a neighboring councilor so he should approach the concerned councilor too.’

The old man said with annoyance, ‘You are not listening to my complaint and behaving as the police do. When some body goes to police to lodge a complaint, they also say that the place where crime happened does not come in their area. So you go to so and so police station.’ The councilor said, ‘I think, you seldom do some social work so that you have little knowledge about the functioning of the Govt. departments.’ On hearing this argument, he said with a smile on the face that he was feeling himself guilty and would try to behave properly in future.

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