Smoking ??

There is a slogan which is frequently seen on radio, television, newspapers and magazines so we are well acquainted with the slogan. The slogan is – ‘Smoking is injurious to health’. A photograph along with the slogan is also found on a cigarette container. Even Govt. has banned smoking in public places. A boy although adult asked me why this slogan and an ugly snap are used to discourage smoking.  ‘Govt. is an authority to do a good or any damn thing. If it feels it is not good for health it can ban cigarette manufacturing company to produce cigarette. Govt. earns revenue from cigarette producers by imposing taxes in many forms viz. sale tax, excise tax, and income tax etc. These companies generate employment too’ He said to me, ‘Govt. can’t afford to leave a handsome and hefty amount of revenue. So after showing false sympathy to public, Govt. tries to make  public fool.’

I said to him, ‘Whatever, you think is correct.  But there is also other side of the coin too. Smoking causes addiction. Those who smokes cigarette can’t quit it instantly. If Govt. closes down cigarette factories, smuggling of cigarette will be started. One day, these smugglers would be powerful. They would start interfering into the functioning of Govt., and would create a lot of trouble for Govt.’ Hearing of this, he was looking a little bit satisfied.

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