Paa- a Hindi Film

Paa, a Hindi film, is a popular movie. It had even got publicity before its release, and till today its popularity is maintained. It is a story of a thirteen year old boy who is suffering from a disease called Progeria. It is a rare disease and found among one in eighty million live born. The boy role was performed by a renowned actor Amitab Bachan and his father’s role was acted by Abhishek Bachan. In the role of a progeria child, Amitabh Bachan can’t be recognized. I have not seen any real progeria patient except in photograph. Amitabs’ make-up resembles with progeria child’s snap. So it is assumed that Amitab’s make-up as a progeria patient is perfect. In the promo of the movie, the progeria child was highlighted.

I also had the great desire to see the movie but I couldn’t find the time to watch it. Yesterday, on Sunday I was at home in the afternoon and as usual television was on. I saw that a movie, paa was being telecast on a channel. So I also started watching the movie although its some parts of the beginning had already been telecast. I saw rest of the film along with advertisement in between. All of a sudden I found the film was finished. The film was slow and was revolving around the child and his father but I couldn’t differentiate who was the main character of the film. Whatever I understood in the film was this- The producer wanted to show the father as a main character and the child as a subordinate character. In the promo he highlighted the progeria child to gain publicity. He also wanted to show how a superstar Amitab Bachan looks in this role. So that people would be eager to see the movie and he succeeded in his goal.

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