A man who is an allopath

A man who himself is an allopathic physician visited my clinic yesterday. This was his second visit at my clinic as he had also come to my office last week. Although he came to my clinic two years back that time he came to me for the treatment of his wife. His son and daughter usually visit my clinic for their treatment. He is about seventy years old but still he is doing medical practice. He has been suffering from allergic bronchitis with bronchial asthma for the last many years. He is taking homeopathic treatment from me for his disease. He looks simple and behaves as if he were an ordinary man. This time, he asked me a question whether I had prescribed him some steroids. Hearing his question, I felt annoyed. I said, ‘Has he definitely read some homeopathic books? if so he should know that there is no steroidal treatment in homeopathy.’ Hearing my reply, he was looking satisfied and embarrassed.

A question arises from this talk. Why has he asked me this question? The following situations are possible .1) is he a suspicious man?  2) Has he superiority complex? 3) Is he just teasing me? Or is he casually talking on the subject?

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