IPL — Jai Kishan

IPL organizes cricket matches in different cities of India. These matches are popular in public; people are crazy to see them. Some of these matches will be held in Delhi too. Jai Kishan, leader of the opposition in MCD wanted to get passes of these matches so he raised the issue in the standing committee meeting. But there was already a lot of hue and cry in the meeting on the issue of budget. Delhi Govt. passed its budget for this fiscal year, and it had levied so many taxes.

Jai Kishan told the officials of MCD that either they should arrange  the passes for the councilors or get open a sale counter of IPL tickets. So the councilors could buy the tickets from the window. The officials replied that they didn’t know where IPL tickets were available. Jai Kishan retorted that people now didn’t come to him for their grievances but they came for the passes. He told his problem to media also.

It is evident that Feroz Shah Kotla ground was leased out to DDCA by MCD. Its engineering department issues NOC – certificate to buildings, situated in the ground that these are in good condition. The Health Dept. issues license for food which is served inside the ground. All the roads outside the ground also belong to MCD. If MCD imposes some taxes on DDCA it can get handsome revenue.

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