An old emotional film

I keep my clinic closed on Monday morning but go to the clinic in evening on that day also. I was not feeling well as I have been suffering from acute bronchitis for three days. So I was asleep in the afternoon. Hearing the sound of television I woke up and sat before the television. There was an old movie telecast on a channel of television. A heroine of the picture was singing a song and trying to make her son sleep. Her son is very cute. In the next scene, she goes to a hospital for the treatment of her son. His treating physician loves the child. The doctor is an affectionate man and also the hero of the picture. He wants to see the child frequently. They meet incidentally either in a market or in a park etc. The heroine’s mother-in-law and sister-in-law don’t like their meetings. They indirectly and sometimes directly curse her and try to stop her to meet the doctor. They think that her meeting with the doctor is an unsocial act. The heroine is a widow too.

A nurse, working in the hospital loves the doctor. She does the trick and gets married with him. She is extravagant and ill natured lady. So he faces many problems but doesn’t say much to his wife. As she is a barren lady so he lives also sad. One day, he says to her that his father died a month ago but he got this news today. She shows surprise and says that he has never told about his father. He narrates her the story of his life, ‘You are my second wife. I and my first wife did the love marriage. My father got angry at my act and broke the relations with me.’ He says, according to my father’s will, my father’s grandson can inherit his whole property. The child will get ten thousand rupees per month till he becomes adult. Hearing this news the doctor’s wife becomes stunned. She starts making plans to get the property. A lawyer says to her, ‘If your father-in-law is proved insane in the court his ‘will’ will be nullified.’ She tells him the plan. Hearing her plan the doctor gets furious. One day she gets information through an old nurse that the heroine’s son is a son of the doctor.

She goes to the court to seek justice. The court’s decision comes in her favor and she gets the possession of the child. But he is not ready to live with her. So he runs away from her house. Every body starts searching the child. In this process she dies in an accident. The heroine gets her son back and her mother-in-law adopts the doctor as her son. The doctor and the heroine get married. In this way the film is ended. This is an old emotional picture. I saw such movie after a long time.

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