Terrorism– what does it mean?

Terrorism is a world wide phenomenon. Majority countries are facing this problem. It is generally the front page story of the news papers. There are some known terrorist organizations in the world. Some of them work on the regional level and some on a country level. Some big organizations do their unlawful activities internationally. They generally explode bombs in crowded places or in important buildings. They sometimes use bullets to kill the innocent people. Their modus operandi is more or less the same. The question arises why these organizations are formed and what are their aims? One more question, bigger than the others, is  who fund them? Every answer, which people think is relevant at someplace. Let us consider some possibilities.

Some times the Govt. or the state police do injustice and torture a person or a particular sect of the society. They try to tolerate these adversities until these become unbearable. Then a group of tortured people is formed and they revolt against them. Their goal is nothing but to take revenge from the accused. They want to get justice at their own. They are not bothered whether they achieve their target or not. Some times these groups are misused by local leaders, local business tycoons and the shrewd people for their own purposes. In the same manner the big and the bigger organizations are formed; these are also used and misused. It is known that some terrorist groups are trained and funded by the Govt. also. The Govt. uses them to do destructive activities in its neighboring countries. Some terrorist groups are formed on the religious basis. What ever the reason is found after these groups, only the innocent people become the victims.

Mumbai blast, 9/11 blast in New York and Metro blast in Moscow are unforgettable. Now a day, every body is terrorized. An alert security, twenty four hour, is the only solution left to save a country and its people.

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