Love — Marriage — and Cheating!!!

Sania Mirza, a celebrity now a day and a tennis player, is going to marry Shoaib Malik a known Pakistan’s cricket player. As per his statement, reported in NBT their marriage will be solemnized on April15th, 2010. And the reception is to be held at the Taj Krishna in Hyderabad. He is presently staying in Sania’s house.

There is a girl named Aisha Siddiqi claimed that she had already been married with Shoaib. He also accepted her claim but in a different manner. He says that he got married with Aisha but the marriage is not valid. He signed the ‘Nikhanama’; he was going to be married with the same girl whose photo was sent to him. According to the chief Kazi of Hyderabad, a marriage is not considered valid if it is not solemnized as per the advice of Islam. Shoaib says that Aisha got herself introduced to me as Aisha’s elder sister. All of a sudden she made me get married with Aisha. One day in 2005, my brother-in-law said, ‘A teacher who is at my son’s school in Saudi says that she has been married with Shoaib Malik.’ I found the teacher who is making me fool is the elder sister of Aisha. I signed the ‘Nikhanama’ on   my friend’s telephone and had not told my parents.

In the mean while, M. A. Siddiqi, father of Aisha lodged a complaint with police against Shoaib . The police said, ‘A case of dowry, torture and cheating has been registered against Shoaib, under the section of 506, 420 and 498A. A family friend of Siddiqi family says, ‘They stayed, after marriage in 2002, in hotel the Taj Residency where Azheruddin and Sangita also stayed at that time. Many other things have come up in electronic and print media.

The matter belongs to the celebrities so that people have curiosity in this case. Other wise, there are so many cases which come in news paper daily but people read them just for the sake of reading. I think the case should be handed over to the CBI. So that the real picture comes up and justice will be made soon.

Although, some questions may be raised in the story whether Aisha is blackmailing Shoaib or Shoaib is deceiving Aisha. Why Sania, a blue eyed girl of India is interested to get married with Shoaib, a controversial celebrity of Pakistan. Why a celebrity lady wants to get married with a married man. Has a married man more charming personality than a bachelor?

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