Maoist v/s Indian Government

On Tuesday, 6th April 2010, Maoist killed Seventy Six personnel of paramilitary forces in Chhattisgarh’s Dantewada district jungle. It is the biggest ever attack of Red terrorists on Indian forces. Red forces have shown that they could go to any height of brutality. For the eradication of the naxalites, the Govt. has started its operation Green Hunt. This attack has raised the question mark on the credibility of the operation. Through this attack, they have directly challenged the Govt. The Govt. said, ‘the CBI had informed the forces that the naxalites were present in the jungle.’ So the paramilitary forces reached there in search of them, but the forces got no success in the whole night. In the morning, the naxalites started firing on the forces. To save themselves from firing, the soldiers began to run towards the jungle. But the naxalites had undermined the pressure bombs there and these bombs were the cause of their killing. About one thousand naxalites participated in the attack.

The Home Minister, P.Chidambaram informed the Prime Minister about the attack. The Home secretary, G.K.Pillai told that there was some lacking somewhere in the operation. Chhattisgarh chief minister, Raman Singh said, ‘there is a need of good coordination.’ The former defense adviser to the Govt. of Chhattisgarh, KPS Gill said, ‘the strategy against the naxalites is theoretical and is totally flop. Somebody had imposed this bookish planning on the paramilitary forces and they just obeyed the orders.’ The former DGP of CRPF, Parkash Singh felt that it happened due to the lack of correct information and the police couldn’t be escaped from its responsibility. The experts have their own different opinions.

When something wrong happens, every body starts blaming others. India is a big country and it should be able to face and control all types of adversities. It has good and brave forces, best type of arms and ammunitions, high quality information net work, well trained and experienced officers as well as soldiers and also a democratic set up, which makes her a strong nation. So what else is lacking, only the strong determination is required to control such situations.

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