Birthday — 10th April — Dr. Hahnemann

Tenth April is an auspicious day for those who have used Homeopathy as a system of medicine or are related with it. The founder of Homeopathy, Dr Hahnemann was born on this day. Dr Hahnemann’s life tenure in this world started in 1755 and ended in 1844, as per my remembrance. Millions of patients have used Homeopathy and got their diseases cured. It is also possible that many of them may not know the name of this divine soul. Because the patients just go to a Homeopathic physician and tell their complaints. The physician examines them, diagnoses their disease and prescribes them some medicines. When they get relieved they just express their thanks to the doctor concerned and go home. They don’t have time to think, ’What is Homeopathy and who invented it?’

Therefore I want to write down some lines about Dr. Hahnemann. He was born in Germany and his father was a porcelain painter. He was very intelligent since his childhood. He did his post-graduation in medical science and started his practice there. But he was not satisfied with the existing method of treatment, so he left his medical practice. He started translating the medical books. One fine day, when he was translating the Cullen’s materia- medica, he found one strange statement in the footnote of one of the chapters. The statement was this: A substance which has a power to cure some ailment has a power to produce the same symptoms of that ailment. He experimented on the basis of that statement and got the statement correct. Encouraging results persuaded him to do more experiments on different medicinal substance. Every time, he got the same results. After getting the result, he established the law that likes be cured by likes. Later on he wrote down the Homeopathic material – medica, Homeopathic Philosophy and laid down the Homeopathic principles.

Slowly and gradually Homeopathy got popularity and many learned allopathic physicians had started using Homeopathy. They stopped their allopathic practice completely and started working under the guidance of Homeopathic umbrella. Some Allopathic physicians and a few people have been creating   hurdles in the progress of this system of medicine since its origin. Even then it is getting popularity day by day. Presently, the Homeopathic treatment is available in most of the countries. There are more than one lakh Homeopathic physicians in India. Many people are so much impressed with Homeopathy that they use it as a first line of treatment. On behalf of me and my friends I salute Dr. Hahnemann and pay my regard to the divine soul.

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