The Maoist ??

Maoists had attacked Indian paramilitary forces in Chhattisgarh’s Dantewada district and killed Seventy Six soldiers. In my last post, it was explained what our some dignitaries said about the killing and how they condemned the forces and the Govt. Although these dignitaries either belong to the force or to the Govt. themselves, then what they really want to say to the public. They can’t escape from their responsibility. Anyhow this attack has forced the Govt., central as well as state, to reconsider their planning and strategy to fight and handle the challenged situation. The Red forces have been killing and targeting the forces for a long time. Majority soldiers are killed in Gorilla war; in this war the forces don’t get time to save themselves. This is quite clear that a full- proof, practical, highly technical and emotional strategy should be made to fight such situation. Red force would not come on negotiation table if they feel that they are stronger than the Govt. and public support is with them. Maoists have become a big threat for the democratic set-up of India. So the Govt. must fight against them with different strategies at different level as mentioned above. Generally the forces are defeated; it shows that they are directly or indirectly under the surveillance of Maoists. But the forces are not well acquainted with the strategy of Red terrorists.

Maoists have won the trust of the poor and downtrodden tribes; they are working among them. They have become the part of their life. The Govt. has to segregate the Maoists from these tribal people. These tribes should get all the privileges which they deserve being Indian citizens. The forces must have friendly behavior with them. The forces should help them and participate in their day to day activities as if they are also the part of these tribes. There are two works that the forces have to do. First, they have to win the heart of local public and second to control the illegal activities of the Maoists. There should be coordination between local police and paramilitary forces. All the states tackle the situation at their own. These states must sit together and make a full-proof strategy. It is evident that about one third districts of the country are under the terror of Maoists; the time has come to eradicate this problem from the roots.

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