Dr.Hahnemann Birthday Celebration

On tenth April 2010, we, I along with my some friends celebrated Dr.Hahnemann’s birthday, the founder of Homeopathy at my residence in the morning as it was decided three days ago. Dr.Nagar who is elder among us garlanded the photo of Hahnemann, and kindled the lamp before him. We bowed our heads down in his honor. , Dr.Rajesh came there with a big photo-framed picture of Hahnemann that was used for the ceremony, although I had the small bust of Hahnemann. Dr. Bhargav brought us some snacks and sweets, as a day earlier, he was chosen for the task. Dr.Naveen also participated actively. We enjoyed the snacks, sweets and tea after that. Before the party, everybody participated in the discussion that was on the life history of Hahnemann. In the last, Dr.R.C.Gupta recited a poem which he wrote down himself in the morning on the same day for the occasion. The lines of the poem are these:

Honey, that Hahnemann gave us, is the best.

Have full confidence in it and leave the rest.

We have to treat the patient and not the disease.

Follow it thoroughly and forget the worry, please.

Study the case well, and then select the remedy,

Win the faith of the patient, the cure is ready.

One medicine and a single dose will do.

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