Anti Torture Ordinance

The central ministry has accepted the anti torture ordinance, and this is really a wonderful work. When this is passed in the Parliament, it will become a law. After that, to torture the culprit in police custody will be considered a crime and will be called unlawful activity. It is evident that the Govt. has recognized this problem present in the system and tried to rectify it for the first time.  It is known, in this matter, that UNO had already passed the bill in its general meeting held in 1975 and India also signed it in 1997. The Govt. is going to fulfill his word that should be appreciated. It is shameful for the civilized society if any body dies in police custody. Some times it is found that a culprit dies because the police have tortured him. Maximum deaths in police custody occurr in India, if we see the data of all the democratic countries. It is generally seen that police use its hard attitude for the poor and the downtrodden people. The police become rude for those who can’t afford to pay them some money. Even today, the police behaviour is same as it was in the British rule. The same act is being used till today. The act doesn’t guide the police how to behave with culprits. Our political leaders have never thought on the issue. Only one editorial was published in NBT on this issue so it is appreciable.

In this modern era, everybody, whether he is an accused or innocent citizen has a right to live peacefully. For investigation purposes, the police should use scientific methods rather than crude and barbarian techniques.

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