Baba Sahib Ambedkar Jayanti

Baba Sahib Ambedkar Jayanti was celebrated on 14th April at different places in India. Ambedkar is considered a leader of backward classes, although every Indian pays him due respect. He played a big role in the formation of Indian constitution. Different political parties enjoyed his jayanti in so many ways but the most popular method of celebration was ‘Rally’ and garlanding the statue. Two political parties, BSP and Congress were in the front row to celebrate the jayanti. It looks as if these parties don’t celebrate the jayanti but they just show their strength. They don’t do any real social work for the downtrodden classes. They just misguide them through these rallies. Their sole motive is to attract this ‘Dalit’ vote bank that will be beneficial for them in the elections.

In the same way, media ‘whether electronic or print’ don’t play a fair role when they publish or telecast some political news. It is clearly shown in the news published by them that they have inclination for one particular party. They should publish the news as it is. They ought not to put their opinion in between the news. Nowadays news is also being sponsored by political parties. The media must discourage such practices; only then their credibility would be increased. The media is the back bone of a nation; if it is diseased, the country can’t do progress as it deserves.

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