Metrological department and India

Every country has its own metrological department, India also has it and its office is situated in Delhi. So many employees and scientists are working there – that means there annual budget must be in millions. In most of the daily news papers, there is a weather column which forecasts about the weather. Most of the times their predictions go wrong, even then people regularly read their predictions. It seems as if the readers are addicted to read the column. If you just see the yesterday’s temperature in some news papers, you will find there a different reading of the temperature. Why do we not find the yesterday’s temperature same in every news paper. How the temperature of the city that is officially declared by the metrological office is found different in every news paper. Below, I show you a metrological office forecast and after that it will be analyzed.

There will be good rain this year, such signals are being observed. Last year, in 2009 there was poor rain and it broke the last thirty seven year’s record. The metrological office says that it happened thrice between 1901 and 2009, when there were dry monsoon for consecutively for two years. Therefore there is a chance of heavy rain this year. In second paragraph, the office says that it will pronounce its prediction between 15th and 30th April, but supercomputer’s analysis, based on old data, shows that there is  good opportunity of heavy rains this year. The director general of metrological department, Ajit Tyagi says that ‘Al-Neeno’ pattern is weak which can be responsible for dry monsoon this year. In India, monsoon starts about first of June and it reaches Delhi in the end of June. As time passes, ‘Al-Neeno’ pattern may be reversed and good rains are possible. The fourth point: this year, there is a hot summer so that rains will be good.

In the above paragraph, you can see clearly that they have given both types of statements: one is good monsoon and second is poor monsoon. Every body knows that there are only two possibilities in the case of monsoon. It’s modern era, so the weather office should improve its working style. It should do its work scientifically.

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