Indian Premier League — New Styled Cricket

Indian Premier League, IPL is a cricket organization which has started arranging a new style of cricket matches in India. These matches have become very popular in India but it is not clear whether these are liked in abroad too. The game, itself is unique in style where each team plays cricket for twenty over’s. Every test is finished within some hours. Every team is owned by some celebrity, mostly the Hindi film actors or actress. They purchase the crew by bid. Each group is auctioned in rupees hundreds and hundreds of million. An old style cricket has been forgotten by people and become the part of history nowadays. These IPL series have recently become controversial when the fight between Shashi Tharoor, now former central minister and Lalit Modi, chairman of IPL began and become public.

Lalit Modi revealed on the Twitter that Tharoor influenced the IPL to give benefit to his friend Sunanda, though Tharoor condemned the allegation of Modi on the Twitter. But the matter went on its peak and there was uproar in the parliament. The opposition political parties demanded Tharoor’s resignation in the parliament. Seeing the gravity of the case, The Prime Minister, Man Mohan Singh called a meeting of his ministers and found Tharoor guilty, so Tharoor was told to submit his resignation. Therefore tharoor quit his ministerial post. The income tax department raided the IPL office and found a big scandal there. Sunanda left her equity shares of IPL as the controversies deepened. The IT officials submitted their report to the Finance ministry and stated that two more central ministers are also involved in the scandal. It seems as if the Govt. is trying to trap Lalit Modi, as a target, who has written on the Twitter against its minister, because the IT officials have not publically revealed the name of the two ministers concerned till now. Second point is this; the Govt. is diverting the attention of the public towards tax scandal of the IPL in place of taking action against its ministers. Two or three MP’s of the ruling party are trying to cook a new theory by saying that opposition party MP’s are also involved in this offence. They think that if they talk like this, public will start thinking that all the politicians are black sheep and their party leaders may be saved from this case. They may only succeed up to some level in their mission, but they can’t make the whole public fool.

Lallu Parsad, leader of RJD has raised the question in parliament regarding the IPL matches and demanded to close down the IPL. Vrinda Karat, too raised the issue and demanded probe in this matter.

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