Beautification of Delhi — Common Wealth Games

India has got an opportunity to organize the ‘common wealth games’ in Delhi this year. These will be held in the month of October that is about to come. The construction of stadiums and landscaping of Delhi is at its full swing, as it should be, although this seems it would not be completed in time. There was recently a news in the news paper that MCD is going to beautify the Paharganj area, a commercial place in Delhi. People of that area have encroached most of the footpaths, even major part of the roads too and are running their business activities from these intruded places, so the whole area looks like a fish market. The roads are always jammed due to traffic. This is also a big center of hotels as the New Delhi Railway Station is just near it. The tourists and business men who come to Delhi may get hotel here at an affordable price.

MCD demolished some illegal structures here, one day. The occupants of the area requested the authority that they would remove the unwanted structures themselves in a weeks time. The occupants did nothing in this matter rather they started protesting against the order of the corporation. A week long drama of the disapproval ended in the last on a sort of compromise. The MCD will not insist the traders to align their shops as per the area map of 1930s, as a condition imposed earlier, and the traders will in turn remove all intrusion on government land. The traders have now started clearing the infringement and claim that it will be cleared in a month’s time. The authorities are developing a new plan for widening and beautification of the area. All the shops will be in align and the outer look will be uniform. Seeing the strict attitude of the authorities people have bent upon to cooperate with the authority, this is a good step ahead in the beautification of Delhi, the capital of India.

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