India’s law and order condition

India got freedom in 1947 and now year 2010 has started, but still law and order situation in the country is bad. It is so horrible that one can’t imagine about it, when some brutal incident happens in Delhi, the capital of India and in the neighboring states of Delhi. Recently a case happened in Haryana state, between Jind and Hissar district where a mob of one community set ten houses of other community ablaze, and burnt two persons alive to death. The incident took place on the minor issue as the villagers said, ‘some one throws a piece of brick on a mongrel but it hit the house of a Dalit. It causes the fight between the two communities, the Jats and the Dalits. In the scuffle a few Jat boys were hurt.’ The block leader of the Valmiki community took it seriously and he along with two other persons went there to apologize for it, but the Jats pelted them with stones. Seeing the gravity of the incident, members of the Valmiki society decided to approach the police but the SHO of the area refused to take any action in the matter. A mob, about thirty Jat boys reached there from the western side of the village with lathis and can of the kerosene in their hands, when most of the members of the Dalit community were in the chaupal and discussing the next strategy to be used in the case. Suman’s house was the first to be attacked. The mob bolted the house from outside, Suman and her father Tara Chand were  locked inside the house, and set the house on fire. Her mother ran out but Suman could not as she was handicapped with Polio. Bhoomar ran out along with her three children to save them as other members of the society did. The assailants put about ten houses on fire. The sarpanch said what had happened is ‘shameful’. The BSP leader demanded that SHO of the area, tehsildar, and deputy superintendent of the police should be suspended as the incident had happened in the presence of the police, and the case should be probed by the CBI. The superintendent of the police has ordered enquiry of the case. The police has detained thirty Jat boys from the village.

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