Understanding between father and son

Munna is a young man and is of thirty years of age. He did his graduation from a reputed university and scored good marks. He used to keep his college copies and books tidy. He looked innocent and also affectionate to others. After completing his education he started his business at his own. Although his father is also in business yet he chose a different trade. He is loquacious and energetic too. This is his personality at a glance. He started his business in such a way as he would become rich very soon. His father used to say, “He is careless in the matter of accounts and does neither maintain his accounts on regular basis nor keep receipts of payments etc. he has made. So he will be in trouble one day.”

One fine day, news was heard that Munna had consumed many pills of sedatives as he was deceived in love. He had been admitted to hospital and was saved. After coming back from the hospital he became sad and stopped meeting others. This change in his behaviour was either due to embarrassment or some other reason. It was difficult to analyze the real situation because people, in such conditions use their heart instead of mind. He was also passing through that phase of life when the heart rules over the mind. One day, he left his house and started living alone. After some months he started feeling homesickness and came back.

One day again, news came out that Munna was in hospital because he had taken some sleeping pills. He recovered from his unconsciousness after some days. This time he got a big loss in his business. According to him, his debtors had refused to repay him but the creditors were forcing him for payments. As he had no signed receipts from the debtors’ side, whatever the debtors say would be correct. The creditors forced his father to repay his son’s debts. Under such pressure, his father sold his house to compensate his son’s losses. Even then the son says that his father is not giving him due share in the property, although the property is acquired by his father himself. These are such situations which have no answer. Only God may solve such problem.

I heard a quotation from Vaibhav, a sincere boy, which seems to be appropriate here – “By the time a man realizes that maybe his father was right, he usually has a son who thinks he’s wrong.”

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