Jealousy — more harmful than a Bullet

Tapasya was married with Veer, a rich boy though it had happened under fraud. Actually, Ichha, a girl adopted by Tapsya’s father was going to be married with Veer. At the last movement, just before the last ceremony of the marriage called- Ferre, Tapasya told Ichha that Ichha should sacrifice for her as she wanted to marry Veer. Hearing Tapsya’s desire Ichha stood stunned for a movement. She accepted Tapsya’s offer as she loved Tapasya a lot; she is always ready to do any thing which makes Tapasya happy. Damini, mother of Ichha objected to the decision, but Ichha didn’t leave her stand. In this way, the last ceremony was performed between veiled Tapasya and Veer and she went to Veer’s house in place of Ichha without the knowledge of Veer.

The drama is revealed at Veer’s house after some hours. Veer got shocked and felt deceived when he came to know that he had married Tapasya. He told his mother about the incident but she didn’t say much on the issue. Despite the cheating of Tapasya, his mother favored her as she admired Tapasya. Veer took the matter seriously and decided to leave the house but some incident related to his elder brother happened in the house and he left the idea.

Veer hated Tapasya and did not talk to her at any matter. She tried to attract him using different means but couldn’t succeed in her mission. Although his parents liked her as their daughter-in-law, Veer decided to divorce her and got the legal papers prepared. She signed the papers but got embarrassed and decided to take revenge in a very strange way which was very difficult to understand.

Actually in the beginning, Veer’s family sent his marriage proposal to Tapsya’s house for Tapasya. But she refused the invitation as she loved another boy. Hearing her refusal Veer proposed Ichha and the latter accepted her proposal though his parents were not happy at this changed arrangement, but didn’t show their disapproval. Tapsya’s grandmother started misguiding her on the issue. So she got jealous of Ichha and started making plan to break the engagement of Ichha and Veer. Now she wanted to get married with him just under the influence of jealousy. It is said, ‘Jealousy is such a thing which can do more harm than a bullet.’

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