Beware of your own community politicians

Col Bainsla, a Gurrjar community leader has been fighting with the Govt. to add the Gurrjar’s in the class which gets extra privileges from the Govt. The class provides different percentage of quota to SC, ST and OBC etc. categories. He became popular when he joined this movement in Rajsathan some years back. To cash his popularity he managed the ticket of BJP, a political party, to contest MP election from Swaimadhopur seat of Rajasthan. He gave his opponent a tough fight even though he lost the seat just by 300 votes. During the election campaign he used to say that the politics is the only way to fight for the community.

Recently, BJP included his name in the national executive body of the party as a special invitee, two months back. He didn’t publically reveal whether he was happy with his present post or not. But he had resigned from his above post in the Mahapanchayat of Gurrjar community held on Monday. He stated that the Gurrjar movement had been drowned amongst the committees formed by the court and the Govt. at different times. Now he wanted to do the work for his community.

Indian politicians play the cast based politics and try to capture the vote banks of those communities which are backward and illiterate as they termed these classes. These classes are innocent in true sense and can be emotionally exploited very easily. The most interested thing is this that they are being exploited by their own people, as one of the names mentioned above. A creamy layer of these classes get all the benefits which are given by the Govt., from time to time.

If a man or a community really wants to come at par with the other people and communities he will have to participate in the same race; if he gets special privilege and win the race he will even not be considered winner in reality. To be successful in life, there is only one Mantra that is to be remembered – Beware of your own community politicians.

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