Espionage — Patriotism — God

Every day so many cases of fraud and espionage etc. are published in the news papers. Some of them become popular either they belong to some celebrity or the modus-operandi of the case is such that it is highlighted more than other cases. The details of investigation of such cases also come regularly in the print media as well as on television. One such case is related with the army affairs. An army officer, Purohit as stated in one of the news papers, was charged to have been involved in some unlawful activities. Although he had obtained some letters of appreciation from his department, he was charged of his alleged involvement in the Malegaon blast in 2008 and the army has as such decided to sack him. When this news reached his wife, as mentioned in the news paper, her reaction was that he was innocent as the investigating agency couldn’t produce substantial evidences against him. ‘My husband should be given a chance to prove himself innocent before any action is taken,’ she said, ‘And it was his dream that his sons would join the army one day.’  ‘I have kept my two sons, younger 5 yrs old and elder 10 yrs old, away from the press as it is difficult for balancing the act. Further when I attend the court my mother-in-law looks after home. Our neighbors are with us. Even the school management has shown faith in us.’ She added.

This is one type of the stories which a citizen normally gets through the media. His mind cann’t analyze the situation that how a patriotic would be entangled in an unethical activity. He may either be trapped through blackmail or sometimes by his own greed. However there is one more possibility  that he can be charged in some false case. If it so happens, only God may help him.

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