Mother’s day and Indian culture

Today is mother’s day and is being celebrated globally. India is also celebrating it with joy and enthusiasm. The young generations, especially those who live in urban area have fun on the day. The shop- keepers who sell greeting cards and gifts decorate their shops on this occasion. They also do a lot of publicity to sell their items on the event. They pose to themselves as modern and global shopkeepers. In some places people also decorate markets on the day. Mother’s day, Father’s day and St. Valentine’s Day etc. are being popularized day by day as the world seems to be small with the advancement of communication and transport means.

The television channels also show some programs based on mother’s day. These channels show some special program on the mother’s day eve with the help of some popular stars of the TV. Those who are participating in serials as a mother and son or daughter take part in the special feature. These programs can be made more interested, if the character that comes in serial as a mother would appear along with her real sons and daughters and vice versa in the program.

In India, Mother’s day celebration is not a new thing as has been being celebrated for the last so many centuries. Even in the oldest written history, this day celebration is mentioned. There is one more interesting thing that the day is celebrated twice a year in this country. Every time it is celebrated nine days continuously in the form of ‘Durga Pooja’; Goddess Durga is considered the mother of this universe according to Hindu mythology. Indians keep their parents in the equal rank of God. They celebrate it for eighteen days in a year, as a religious ritual and dedicate them to their mother; that means, one and a half day or 36 hours in a month, more than an hour a day. If a man spends his one hour with his mother every day, she would feel herself the happiest one in the world. This is the real way to celebrate mother’s day. Man can buy every thing but can’t buy mother in the world. Indian saints have allotted every day to some one and also gives us some message through it.

It seems that the festival which is celebrated any where in the world is also celebrated in India either in the same or different form and name but with the same theme. In this country, it is called that every day is a festival day and it has its own significance. That is why it is said that India is very rich culturally.

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