Anti-dowry and torture law in India

A lower court of Delhi has accepted that some special laws are being used wrongly. A case can’t be filed against a married sister of a man by his wife under the preview of domestic violence. Add. Session judge said, “Husband’s sister is made party deliberately in the case of domestic violence that is wrong.” According to the court, although a lady who lives in her husband’s house is not considered a part of the joint family of her brother, the married sister can’t be sacked from the ancestral property of her parents. She can’t be threatened that she will be trapped in the case of domestic violence, if she demands her share in the ancestral property, the court added. The court accepted that the laws which are made for the safe- guard of women are being misused and such cases are coming in the court in abundance. The court said worriedly that anti dowry and domestic violence laws are being used as a tool to threaten the married sister. It further emphasised that the law should not be used to terrorize old parents and their married daughter. The court had given this observation when it dismissed the case of a lady who blamed the married sister of her husband that she often came there to abuse and torture her though she didn’t live in her house. The husband’s version was different as he said that his sister had been married and didn’t involve in his family affair.

The above case is based on the report published in one of the news papers. The court took a good step in the issue and should be welcomed. People have been facing such problem for the last two, three decades. When I was a school chap I had heard the same case in my neighborhood. Nowadays such cases are increasing like the fire of wood. So it is necessary to redefine these laws and necessary amendment should be made in them.

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