A Boy wishes to be a Television

A teacher, in her school, asked her students at the class to write down an essay on the subject – What do you want God to make you tonight. All the students submitted their copies after completing the given task. She checked some of the copies in the vacant period at the staff room of the school. She took the remaining copies to her home. In the evening, after relaxing she started checking the left over copies. Reading one of the copies she began to cry. By the time, her husband entered the house and saw her weeping. He asked her what had happened and why she was weeping.

She replied him sobbingly, “See this copy; what a boy has written in his copy.” Her husband took the copy and started reading with wide eyes as the following was written in that copy. In his writing, the boy said to God, “If you wish to make me some thing you kindly convert me into a television. As you know, nowadays it has an important place in every house. Every body takes care of it in his dwelling. When my father arrives at home, whether he is tired or not, he definitely spends his some time with television. My mamma also spends her two or three hours on it. My elder brother also loves it too much. If I were a television in my house I would have been the center of attraction .”

Reading that essay, her husband told her what a horrible parents the boy had!  Certainly the chap lives in a miserable position in his bungalow. The teacher said to her spouse, “Do know who the guy is. I tell you the reality; ‘the lad is our son’.”

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