Two unique companions — Man and Tree

Once upon a time, a boy played by an apple tree. The tree loved the boy and always said to him, “You come regularly here and play with me as I feel happy to see you here.” In this way the time was passing day after day and the boy was growing up. After some years, the child stops coming there. One day, he visited the tree again; seeing him there the tree felt happy and asked him why he had stopped coming there . The boy said with annoyance, “I am no longer a kid to play with you. Now I need money to buy toys as I wish to play with them.” The tree said with melancholy, “I don’t have money to offer you, but there are so many apples on my branches. You take and sell them in the market. Your desire would be fulfiled.” The tree fell all its apples on the ground. The lad collected them and went away happily. After that he didn’t return  for a long period.

One day he again came near to the tree. Seeing him there, it filled up with joy and asked him why he didn’t come to play with it for so long. The chap said, “I have a lot of work in the office and busy with my family, so I don’t get time to come here. More over I am in trouble as I don’t have my own house to live” The tree said with deep thought, “I can only help you to offer my branches; you may cut and take them with you. You can build your house with them.” The guy cut its all the branches and went away along with them. He didn’t come back even though the tree waited for him every day.

The tree saw a middle aged man, the same guy, coming towards him. The tree recognized him and felt overjoyous. The man sat near it and said, “Now, I eagerely want to go on voyage but I don’t have a boat to go as I never have gone on it.” The tree offered him its main trunk to make a boat. The gentleman cut its main trunk and went on his way. Now  only the stump and roots were left with the tree. Though the tree was happy and waited for him, as if he had come back one day and would play with it, many years passed in status quo.

One early morning, the tree saw an old man coming near to it. The tree then recognized him as was the same guy. On arriving there, the old man told the tree that he has become old and tired and wanted to rest here. The tree said to him, “You can sit on the stump here and take rest.”

‘The tree then felt that as if it were his father.’

See -What a coincidence it is !!!

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