Jairam and Congress Party

Two days ago, Jairam Ramesh, minister of environment said in Peching, “The home ministry of India has taken hard and defensive attitude, more than the required, towards the entry of Chinese companies in India.” The Prime Minister, Man Mohan Singh has shown his annoyance to Jairam. He came back from Peching on Monday, early in the morning. Seeing something abnormal in the matter, he wrote a letter to Sonia and the PM. But the home minister, P Chidambaram had already written a letter to PM, so the issue couldn’t be solved. Dr. Man Mohan talked to Jairam on telephone, as per PM office sources. PM told that he advised his colleagues not to do comments on the working of others ministries. The ministry has cleared it that no disparity is being used with Chinese companies. The Home secretary said, “It is wrong to say that Indian Defense do any partiality with Chinese companies as many Chinese companies are already present here and doing their work in different fields along with telecom area.

The congress party warned Jairam not to poke his nose in the matter of his colleagues. If he doesn’t stop doing so he should be ready to face the consequences like Tharoor. The congress refused to accept the thoughts of Jairam. Singhavi supported the standpoint of the PM. It is evident that Jairam has commented on other ministers from time to time. The last time, in the case of Setu- Samundaram, he made comments, on the line of BJP, on tourism Minister, Ambica Soni. He said, “If I were the tourism minister I would have resigned from the ministerial post.”

BJP demanded his resignation as he criticized the home ministry. Parkash Jawdekar said to press reporters, “BJP condemns Jairam because in place of keeping India’s view point, he advocated the Chinese companies’ standpoint.” The CPI also damned his belief and demanded his resignation on the issue.

It is unfortunate when a cabinet minister gives such statement which goes against his own country. A few weeks ago, Tharoor had also given some controversial statements but it was diluted by saying that he was new in the politics. But this new episode causes as if the cabinet is suffering from lack of coordination and trust amongst its ministers. The PM should take this matter seriously so that such mistakes are not repeated in future.

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