A foolish friend

A man, Jagdish was writing a letter to his fiancée when his friend, Shyam sat near him. Whatever Jagdish wrote down in it, the latter read it out immediately. He was not happy at the act of his buddy. He was feeling uneasiness but finding himself helpless from getting rid of him. As writing the letter was important and urgent for him so he couldn’t stop jotting down it. He tried to send his companion away from there but didn’t succeed in his efforts. At last he wrote something strange down in the letter. Reading it Shyam said embarrassingly, “You continue writing it as I haven’t read anything in your epistle.”

Can you guess what he had written in that memo? I know it is difficult to guess it as there are so many scripts that could be written there. You can also ask your comrades the same question after narrating this story. You will get so many replies. If you put their words on paper, many pages will be filled up. But be cautious, don’t ask from any body this question when you are writing a letter. If you do the act even after my warning only God would help you.

I haven’t told you what Jagdish wrote in the letter as the last sentence. He had written the script in the last that ‘a foolish friend of him was sitting beside him; whatever he wrote in the letter his pal red it so he would write other things in next letter’.

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