Generation gap and Foolishness

The day before yesterday, Munna’s, a young boy of about thirty years old, father rang me up and said with morose, “Munna quarrels with me and other family members. Will you come to my house to tackle my problem? It is better if you come about ten O clocks in the morning on Sunday, as I have called his uncle on the said time and date. Kindly come here along with your wife.” I told him that I would be busy at my clinic in the morning at that time so it was difficult for me to visit him; it would be convenient for me if he changed the scheduled time of the meeting. Munna’s father, Rohan agreed to my proposal and said, “O.k., I will be thankful if you come in the afternoon at three PM and will inform his uncle for the change of the time. His uncle has no problem to come in the afternoon as he is a retired guy.”

Ultimately the Sunday came after two days and I had to go to Rohan’s house in the afternoon as per my promise. Although I was to go to some other place urgently for my own work in the afternoon, I cancelled my own program to honor my words. If I promise someone for something I generally try to fulfill it. On the day, when I got up in the morning my legs were aching because the day before I did some leg exercises that is not in my habit. So I was a bit lazy even though I got ready by 8, O clocks as per my usual routine. After that I was busy up to 2 PM. After that my better half came to my office and we two went to Rohan’s house. There was a lot of traffic on roads though the afternoon was red hot. We didn’t feel much discomfort during the drive as the air-conditioner of our car was functioning properly. Ultimately we reached his house after a long drive.

Munna’s uncle met me out of his house. So we together went inside Munna’s house. His sister served us water; after some time she prepared mango shake and supplied it with some snacks to us. Mean while his two more uncles entered the room. We listened to their problem sincerely and tried to solve it. As per my observation, they had two types of problems; one was the ‘ego’ and other loss in business that is due to carelessness in it. If there had to be some other reason of the dispute that was beyond my imagination

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