Two mangoes and one servant

Once Ramesh was waiting for his guest at home when he called his servant and gave him two ripe mangoes. He instructed his servant, Suboo that he should cut these mangoes artistically and serve them to the guest when he had arrived there. Suboo thus cut the mangoes decently and suitably garnished them in the plate. Seeing the decorated and ripe mangoes, his greediness overpowered and overwhelmed his conscious. He took a piece of the cut mangoes and put it into his mouth. That piece of mango was very delicious. So he couldn’t control his urge and took one more piece of the fruit and gulped it. After that he continued eating the pieces of the mangoes one by one and finished the plate. Then all of a sudden, his eyes went on to the road. Seeing the expected guest coming towards the house, he got panicky. An idea suddenly crawled in to his mind so he took a blunt knife and went to show it to his master. Suboo told him that the mangoes were not being cut with this rusted knife.

Ramesh said, “Give me the knife and let me make it sharp.”  He began to sharpen it. After this Suboo went running to the road so that he could stop the guest to enter into the house. He said to the guest, “Beware! beware of my lord and don’t visit his house. My boss has been mad and made a planning to cut your both ears.”  The guest said trembling, “Why did Ramesh make this plan?” Suboo replied that he had no idea of it but he could see him sharpening the knife in the garden. Seeing him doing this horrible act, the guest turned about and took to his heels. Suboo immediately went to his boss and said, “Sir, your guest has snatched from me both the mangoes and has been going out.” “What are you saying? The greedy guy has taken out both the mangoes from you!”, Ramesh asked Suboo. “Yes”, Suboo said. Hearing his answer, Ramesh ran towards his guest and said, “My dear, please give me one at least.”

The guest thought that his host wanted from him an ear as his host was coming towards him. The caller ran away rapidly.

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