Maharana Pratap- the great warrior

Maharana Pratap was wandering in the hills along with his small family when he faced the Moughuls. In the last, the day came when there was no food available to eat. Grinding the remaining cereals,    his wife prepared some ‘Roti’ which were snatched by a wild animal and it ran away after that. His little daughter started crying from hunger.

Seeing the crying of his children from starvation, his courage began to lose his strength. Soon an idea entered in to his mind; why he had not compromised with his foe and passed rest of his life comfortably. The planning was clearly seen on his face though he was buried in deep thoughts. The queen took no time to understand the worries of her husband. She said audaciously, “Lord, to do ones duty is always considered the high quality aim of life. It shouldn’t be wasted either at the cost of families’ starvation or at the cost of ones life. The true people aren’t afraid of dying. They always concentrate on their duty so why are you thinking

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