‘Shame Party’

There is a lot of craze for ‘shame party’ seen in America and Europe nowadays. In these parties, people disclose their old secrets before strangers and share their old shameful acts which were not revealed in front of any one till today. Such parties are not yet started in India. The party people say that such games are played when every body opens his secret in these parties. The idea of such gathering really looks exciting but it is said that there is no such atmosphere present in our country where secrets can be disclosed before strangers. Here people make the trifle an issue.

The celebrity, Amir Zakir, says that he has arranged himself some such parties, where people tell their secrets. Perhaps these festivities have some rules that only those who are ready to share their secrets and will forget the listened secrets after the party can attend the event. Such bash seems to be excited but the trust is the most important part of the game; other wise no time is required to convert a tiny talks into an issue. The model, Dona Catherine also feels that the idea of ‘shame party’ is really full of fun and would like to pass such time in her friends circle. But I think the list of participants should be made cautiously. Although a fashion designer, Rahul Jain is not convinced with this new idea of such parties. He says that our culture is different from the tradition of America and Europe even though the ‘shame party’ will be popular here one day as we are good in copying. Therefore days are not far in India when these merrymakings will be part of our life. Fashion designer, Jatin Kochhar accepts that such act even now is the part of our life; some times we make friends in our bus or train travelling and open our secrets. Currently such instances happen in semi urban cities. He explains that there is no family life in western countries therefore they have converted the idea into the form of the party even though he himself is excited with the idea. I read it in NBT on front page, given by Poonam Pandey. I liked it so that it is posted here with courtesy

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