An Old Lady and A Horse Rider

It is a story of those days when means of transport were different from the ones available nowadays. Those people used to go anywhere either on foot or on horses and such like animals as no other means of transportation was used at that time.

Once an old lady was going through a jungle and the weather was hot. The sun was also shining like a ball of hot fire as a sequel of which the jungle was also very hot. Hot air was also on its job. As such all the animals were facing the heat wave along with mankind. Now it can be imagined about the condition of that old woman who was crossing the jungle on foot in the afternoon in such weather. During the course of her walk, she saw a man riding on a horse crossing the jungle. Seeing him in the forest, she invited him to come near her in a loud voice with gesture. Coming near to her, he said, “Why are you calling me?” The lady told him that as she was old and the weather was hot and she being tired, she would feel obliged if he kept her luggage on his horse which she would take back after crossing the jungle. Even on hearing her humble request he refused her offer and went away to his route.

After his refusal, the old lady felt badly but soon a thought struck to her mind; ‘I didn’t know him even then I offered him the bag containing valuables too. God has helped me to save my valuables and that was the reason why he had not accepted my request.’ On the other side, the horse rider also got an idea; ‘if I had accepted her offer and ran away with her belongings, the old lady would never have recovered it from me. Let me take a chance again.’ He returned and said to her, “I felt guilty as I refused to help you. Now I am ready to provide my services to you. So you may kindly give me your bag that I will return you after crossing the jungle.” But the old lady refused to accept his offer and said, “O my son! The one who taught yo

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