Indian Culture & Honor Killing

Honor killing has not now restricted to North India; the evil has now gone to Andhra Pradesh of South India. Swapna, a high cast girl was married to Sonkari- a low cast boy.  Sonkari met Swapna, fell in her love and proposed marrying her.  Soon they tied up in marriage.  Fearing that their marriage would not be accepted by their parents, they began to live in the nearby city. After three months of their marriage, they came back to their village and met Swapna’s parents to convince them to accept their marriage. But they couldn’t succeed in their mission.  On the same day in the evening, her parents along with some other persons had attacked their house. The newly wed couple had been stoned to death. Their dead body was found lying at the door of their house.  The police have registered a complaint against Swapna’s mother and father along with six more persons. The DGP of the area said culprits would soon be booked under the charge of brutal murder.

One more interesting point has been revealed in this case that the bridegroom had already married and his first wife had no objection about his second marriage.

If the case is analyzed sincerely many points will come out of it. It is revealed that the real picture of Indian culture is different. It is said that it is the best culture in the whole world though it may be one of the worst cultures. I want to request you in the beginning that you need not be excited reading this post. These may just be the emotional sentiments of the author. The following are the points that can be raised.

(1)                      The bridegroom was already married – If any body does second marriage when his first wife is alive, it is considered crime according to Hindu marriage act.

(2)                      Why did Swapna, the second wife of the bridegroom agree to get married to such a man?

(3)                     Why did Swapna’s parents and other relatives take law in their hands?

(4)                     How could a man kill another one so brutally?

(5)                     Why did the first wife not oppose the second marriage of her husband?

The first point shows that we don’t respect our Indian laws. We still have the same mentality that we had centuries ago. It means we are still living in the old male dominating society when women had no social rights though we talk high. We falsely say that we are the sons of ‘Sita and Laxmi Bai’.

The second point shows that women are really weak they have no courage to oppose any wrong thing. They are also living in old male dominating society. So they need special privilege to come up.

The third point indicates that we are not mentally balanced, therefore our emotions over power our mind and we lose our analyzing power.

The fourth point declares that we are still living in Stone Age. This is the reason that we can kill a man with stones.

In a nut shell it can be expressed that the above incident is a shameful act and on behalf of modern era people I condemn this brutality.

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