‘Asuri Muni and Lord Krishna’

Once there was a ‘Muni’, named Asuri  whom Lord Krishna loved too much. He did meditation, keeping Krishna’s image in his heart, at Narad Giri’s hills. One day at night, the Muni started meditating on Krishna but he didn’t come in to the Muni’s meditation. He tried his best to meditate but couldn’t succeed in it.  It caused him annoyance. In the end he gave up his meditation and went to Narayan Ashram to see Krishna. But he couldn’t see Krishna there as he was not present there. Being astonished, he went to Lokalok Parvat. But he couldn’t see thousand headed Ananatdev – Krishna there. Then he asked Krishna’s ‘Sewak’s’ about him; they also showed their ignorance in this matter. Hearing their reply, the Muni felt morose. Then he went to the white island, called Kshirsagar, but Krishna was also not available there. Then the Muni became more sad and melancholic. After that he went to Golok and found Krishna absent. Everywhere he got the same answer that they didn’t know where he had gone. Then the Muni got anxious and started thinking – what I should do and where I should go. How he could see Krishna. Thinking on the matter he went to Kailash hills where Mahadev was meditating on Krishna. Bowing his head before Mahadev he said, “I wandered at all the places but couldn’t find Krishna anywhere. Now you kindly tell me where Krishna is.”

Mahadev said to him, “Hey Asuri , you are great. You are a real ‘Bhakat’ of Krishna.

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