Four new Jokes

“You have such a good health at the age of eighty. What is the secret of it?” a man asked astonishingly to an old man. “I do exercise for half an hour and walk one hour daily. Further I take my meal in time. I don’t take tea, coffee, cigarette, and alcohol and never worry,” the old man replied.

Then the other man said, “My father did the same but he died at sixty.” The aged man said, “If your father had done it for another twenty years, he would also have been eighty now.”

There was a hero and a heroine, quarreling with each other, ‘How will we divide our property if we take divorce.’

‘So, has it been decided?’ a friend asked them. They replied, ‘Yes, It has been decided. Now, only date of marriage is to be decided.’

An American couple went to an Arabian country on tour. One day they went to see desert. There they met a camel man. He at first provided the American camel ride, and after that the lady. The American paid him 100 dollars for camel ride. When they were about to go back the camel man asked him, “Do you want to sell your wife, and if so then I will give you 100 camels in place of that.” Thinking for some time the American said, ‘No.’ coming back to the hotel, his wife said, “Why did you take so much time to answer the camel man?” The American said, “I was thinking where I will keep these 100 camels.”

An American court found a man accused of some crime and punished him for 250 years imprisonment. Hearing it, the culprit began to weep and requested him to reduce his punishment. The magistrate showed him sympathy and reduced his imprisonment by 100 years.

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