A Bullet and Shri Shri Ravi Shankar

Shri Shri Ravishankar expressed his satisfaction on solving the case by Karnataka Police. He said we should forget this one bullet. There are so many bullets being used in red carpet. We want to search out the solution of that big problem which our country is facing. He said 17 Maoists came to my hermit on Friday. I told them that after returning from there, they should tell their leaders to meet central home minister and accept his offer. I requested them to go back from there with the message of peace and light up a new light.

Before that , DGP of Karnataka, Ajay Kumar said, “The bullet which shot at the direction of caravan of Shri Ravishankar was actually shot from the revolver of Mahavir Prasad, owner of the farm-house situated near the hermit. Mahavir used two rounds of bullets to run away the dogs that entered in to his farm-house, out of them one bullet hit the thigh of a ‘Bhagat’, named Vinay. Mahavir had no intention to kill anyone, therefore no case was registered against him.”

Shri Shri Ravishankar said, “After the police investigation, all the hypothesis and stories which were going on have closed down now.” He added , ‘It was also said that the whole drama was done to get the ‘Z’ security. I don’t have any desire to get the security although I am entitled to get it, because I will feel it as a cage. This place is an example of international unity as people of all the countries and sect come here. There is no quarrel among my disciples. Some people said it was all publicity stunts, but I don’t need such cheap promotion.’ He said in sarcasm, ‘Bollywood can make film on it – I am SWAMI but innocent.’

It is to be noted that P Chidambaram said, ‘The target of the bullet might not be Shri Ravishankar but it was the result of quarrel between two ‘Bhagats’.’ The hermit administration condemned the statement of Chidambaram that time.

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