A Youngest Indian who touched the peak of Everest

On May 22nd, 2010, Arjun Vajpai kept his foot on the Mount Everst – Sagarmatha peak, and he became the first youngest mountaineer who succeeded in reaching there. Every mountaineer has the desire to touch the summit which he did it. In this way one more name that touched the apex has been added in the list. He could keep this success only for some hours as a thirteen years old American boy, Zorden Romero had reached the top of the Sagarmatha hill, and broke the record of Arjun Vajpai that he had made.

Arjun Vajpai is a student of 12th standard at Rayan International School in Noiada, UP. He said, ‘He has a hobby to climb hills since his childhood. So that he got training at some places. In the last he had had training at Nehru Institute of Mountaineering in Uttarkashi for two years. Arjun said he was inspired by Col. Jodh Sigh Dhillon, and achieved every thing due to his motivation. Now Arjun has a desire to go to all the seven peaks of the world and glitter the name of India, but for all this – a big amount of sum is required. So that he appealed the Govt. to help him. Arjun also said about Rupees Thirty Lakhs are needed to climb the Everest, and approximately it takes one and a half month to climb there. The training also required a lot of time. Does it affect the study if a lot of time is needed for training?  He said when it was asked, the study is definitely affected but my school management helps me a lot and does arrange special classes for me.

Arjun’s father, Sanjeev Vajpai and his mother Priya Vajpai are also very happy at the success of their son. They said they are very lucky and now people know them by his name.’

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