A Talk between Uddav and Gopis

Gopis said, ‘Hey Uddhav! It is a matter of fortune and joy that Kans who tortured the Yaduvanshis has been killed along with his followers. It is not a less affair of pleasure that Shri Krishan including his friends and relatives has achieved his motive and our Shyam now lives safely.’ But, Hey Uddhav! Tell us one thing. We prayed him with smile as well as selfless emotions and he also loved us in return. In the same way, does he love the women of Mathura or not. Then another Gopi said in between, ‘My friend! Our lovely Shyam is expert in the subject of love. All the women love him. When they talk to him sweetly and look lasciviously, he will be charmed.’ Another Gopi said, ‘Hey Sadho! You tell us when he talks to group of the city women about love with out hesitation; at that time does he remember us in some context.’ Some Gopis said, ‘Hey Uddhav! Does he remember those nights when buds were blossomed, there was moon light and he used to dance with us in group? How lovely those group dances were! That time there was music of Ghoongroos and we sang songs about the act of his childhood.’ Some other Gopis said, ‘Hey Uddhav! We are burning in isolation with out him. As Inder Devta makes forest green with rains so would he come some day to provide us life?’ Then a Gopi said, ‘Hey friends! He has got kingdom after killing his enemies. Now every body says that he is his lovely friend. He would marry rich girls and live happily with them. Why will he come back here to see illiterate Gopis?’ Another Gopi said, ‘No friend! Saint Krishna himself is the owner of Laxmi. All his desires are already fulfilled. He is not concerned with us and other princess. See! A prostitute, Pingla has rightly said that keeping no desire is the best comfort in the world.’

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