‘Dwarka city & Lord Krishna’

Dwarka was built up within 48 kilometers. Every thing of the city was constructed perfectly by Vishvakarma, showing his perfect architecture. The roads, streets and crossings were planned as per Vastu Shastra. The city was full of gardens and astonishing mini forests where trees as well as climbing plants were cultivated beautifully. The mounts of the high rise buildings were laminated with gold and looked as if talking to sky. Big buildings and their large doors looked very wonderful. There lived all four types of Varnas. The palaces of head of Yaduvanshis viz. Uggarsain, Vasudev, Balram and Lord Krishna were being illuminated. Krishna wanted to make Dwarka extremely decorated. After thinking over it, he called up Vayu Devta. Seeing him there, Krishna said, ‘Hey VayuDev! You go to Inder and ask him to hand over beautiful court named Sudharma. This is the order of Krishna and only the best king can use it. For that Yadavs are the most illegible courtiers for it.’ Vayu told Inder the order of Lord Krishna and Inder handed him over   that court. The court was studded with diamond and precious stones. Moon shaped throne was enhancing the beauty of the court. Getting that court, Uggarsain and Yaduvanshi scholars felt pleasure sitting on it. Varun gifted them many white horses of which every one had one ear black. Kuber gave them all the money which he had. Other Lokpals also offered them invaluable things. Lord Krishna blessed all the Lokpals with magical powers for their survival. In this way Dwarka became well organized and incredible capital of Yadavs where people lived happily and peacefully under the rule of Lord Krishna.

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