‘Cruelity of Police in India’

Man is a part of this universe where more than millions varieties of plants and animals reside, ranging from water, land and even in air along with open places like on the branches of trees, bushes etc. where they all live. As per the present knowledge about the nature of animals, it is revealed that they behave in a set frame of work but very occasionally they show astonishing attitude. Only man is such a living thing who shows his temperament in millions ways, whatever thought comes in your mind, a man is somewhere in the world acting like that. Man is timid by nature though he is cruel in disposition but some are soft. To live safely and harmoniously he makes many laws that he imposes upon himself. To implement them properly he has invented the police and those who find breaching these laws are considered guilty and punished. To judge the severity of their crime, courts are formed. Courts work within the framework of defined laws and decide the punishments for the accused. Some times these agencies torture people unnecessarily. The fresh example came in light in Dholpur, Rajasthan.

The there police arrested eleven people along with an old man. They were charged for theft in a shop. The shop was burgled at night. The thief broke in to the shop and decamped with valuable about worth of Rs.2.5 Lakhs along with a mobile phone. The police had kept the track of the mobile phone but couldn’t succeed to search out as it was switched off. Recently it came in operation and was traced. It was found in the custody of the above said old man. On that basis the police arrested the old man and eleven others were also charged. The police used the barbaric method to investigate the case. It tied the hands of the old man on his back and hung him on a tree. The two persons present there had captured the snaps of the act of the police and it was published in the local dailies of the area. Seeing the gravity of the act, the SP of the area suspended three police men, area SHO, ASI and one head -constable and sent them in the lines. Additional Superintendent of Police was given the charge to investigate the whole incident. The SP of the city went to the police station himself and took him to the hospital directly and after that was produced before the court where he was remanded to judicial custody for fourteen days. Rest of eleven were released immediately without any charge.

Now we live in modern and democratic country where even Human Right Commission is present along with so many such organizations which take care of the rights of the civilians. The police needs to be groomed and it should use non tortuous methods to investigate cases.

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