A diet plan for Obesity

Nowadays, children, women and men, all three categories of human beings are suffering from obesity. It was started in the reverse order, at first men were trapped in it as they had adopted western style of living, after that women and children started accepting the western culture respectively and permitted it to enter in to their life. In a nut shell people are facing obesity as a big challenge. So people of developing countries are suffering equally from this problem as that of developed countries. India has also become the part of this dreaded crisis.

The weight of every person should be according to ones height. The body frame is also considered to work out the height and weight chart. For male and female, separate charts are used. Those who have more than the required weight are called obese. The obesity can be classified in to three categories, viz. mild, moderate and severe. It is decided according to BMI, body mass index, of the person concerned. It is calculated from height and weight; weight of the body in kilogram is divided by square of height in meters. The result of it is called BMI. If the BMI ranges between 18 and 24, it is called normal; when it varies between 25 and 30, it is considered that a man is overweight; if anybody BMI ranges between 30 and 35, he is called obese; severely obese person has BMI between 35 and 40 and if a person has BMI more than 40 may certainly invite to many diseases ranging from joints pain to pain in heart. The weight up to teenage is calculated with different method. Their weight chart is different from the adult weight chart.

A century ago even say fifty years ago, those who eat a lot were considered healthy but that time people used to do a lot of physical work. Now the condition is just opposite, because physical work in urban area has been reduced tremendously so people don’t require a high calorie diet. In villages the situation is not as bad as in cities.

To come over the problem of obesity, people must be aware of it and its consequences. Awareness is the first step to control it. Dietary habit and living style come at second number. Daily morning walk, exercise, yoga and change in diet can easily control obesity. There are so many other methods also used to reduce weight. There are some homeopathic, allopathic and ayurvedic medicines available that may also help in reducing fat contents in the body. There is seven days diet plan, given in a health magazine called ‘Yog Manjari’, may be helpful to reduce weight. It is claimed that it can reduce weight from 5 to 7 Kg. in a week. In this program, the following method is used.

1)First day: take only fruits except banana. Water-melon is especially recommended.

2)Second day: Take only boiled or uncooked vegetables. The quantity can be taken as per your own need. Take boiled potato in the breakfast.

3)This day, take fruits and vegetables both as per your requirement except potato and banana.

4)Fourth day: Take eight bananas and three glasses full of milk only in the whole day. A bowl of soup can also be taken.

5)Fifth day: Take a cup full of boiled rice and six tomatoes in the whole day. Thirteen glasses of water is also to be taken.

6)Sixth day: The day of vegetables; take boiled or raw vegetables, as much as you want to take. Rice measured a cup is also to be taken.

7)Seventh day: One cup rice, fruit juices and vegetables are to be taken.

Take care of the followings:-

  • Don’t take any fruit juice before seventh day.
  • Take plenty of water every day. Lemon juice can be added in water for taste.
  • Don’t take oil in any form in these seven days.

Keep at least three days interval between two courses of the above program. Better if you do it under the supervision of any Yoga teacher or a doctor.

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