A memorable day

I went along with Mira and Naresh to aunt’s house to invite her to the party that has to be held four days before the marriage of Shivark. When I reached there she was at home as I phoned her that I would be coming to invite her and she had consented to me on it. She welcomed us warmly and offered the seats in her drawing room to sit, though a chairman of a renowned university was already sitting there. He also greeted us and during introduction I told him that my son had done his master degree from his university. Then he enquired about my son what he was doing now. I told him about his job then he said I should tell my son to meet him along with his resume if possible. If Sunny can’t come to see him personally Sunny can E-mail his resume to him. So that he may be able to help him searching a good job in the best company. After that he went out of the house. We sat on the sofa and gave aunt the invitation card. She accepted it and assured me to visit there. We took tea with snacks and did some chit-chat, after that we came back home.

One day before the occasion aunt rang me up and enquired about the function. I told her the date and insisted on coming at the party again. On the day I contacted aunt on telephone and asked when she was coming at my home. She said some guests were coming at lunch so she would let me know in the afternoon. Again I talked about her arrival; she said she would reach my home at about 7 in the evening. I said when she reached at Britannia crossing she phoned me so that I would pick her up from there. As soon as she reached there her driver informed me about her arrival on my mobile phone. I with my son immediately reached there and guided the driver about the way to my home. Aunt felt tired as there was a lot of traffic on the road. Both of my sons with Mira wished and welcome her. We had a cup of tea with some snacks. We did a lot of talk with her. Both my lovely sons went to the party about half an hour earlier than us. When we were going to the club where the function was to be held, on the way to it I asked Vaibhav the route of the club.

The moment we entered into the club every body welcomed aunt. She was welcomed wearing a garland prepared from cardamoms. Seeing her there everybody felt greeted. Some rituals were being performed there. Meeting with people there we sat on a sofa in the front row. Aunt also enjoyed seeing the ceremonies. We took some snacks and corn soup which was especially prepared without spices as aunt doesn’t like spices. Aunt enquired me about a man attending the party but I showed my ignorance about the guy. When the man saw aunt, he himself came near her and wished touching her feet. At that time I asked him about his name. He gave us his introduction. After about forty minutes aunt took dinner that was also without spices. In the mean while children started their dance and music program that every one enjoyed. An American guest with his daughter was also attending the function. He also danced beautifully on a Hindi song though he knew a very little Hindi. Children also forced me to dance on the stage and I had to fulfill their desire though I didn’t know the ABC of dance.

At about 9.30, aunt went back home. I stayed there until the program finished. Although I had taken the dinner with aunt, I had to have it again. I went back home late at night so I got up late next morning. In this way it was a memorable day.

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