Rangili pretended to be pregnant

Rangili pretended to be pregnant. She declared it in the Haveli, a traditional house in semi-urban area. When Amma ji got this news she felt happy. She announced to celebrate the event. On the other side, Rangili’s husband Avtar argued with her and asked why she was acting to be pregnant. She said it was a question of her survival in the Haveli and even threatened her husband; if he wanted to live there peacefully he should obey her order. Actually Chanda, the first wife of Avtar got pregnant. Hearing this news Rangili got an idea and did the trick. She threatened Chanda and made her agree not to disclose about her pregnancy. Chanda accepted her offer and also insisted Avtar on keeping it secret. Avtar found himself helpless.

A dance party was organized in the Havelli. All the women of the Havelli participated in it. Chanda sat burried in sad and deep thoughts in her room. She was called to attend the dance program. When she was dancing and singing in the circle of ladies she got giddiness and fell on the ground. Seeing her lying on the ground dancing and singing program stopped in a fraction of a second. An old lady, working as a nurse, examined Chanda and declared that she was also pregnant. Hearing this news Amma ji got stunned. She enquired about the whole game being played in the Havelli.

Avtar faced Amma ji boldly and disclosed that Chand was really pregnant and Rangilli was lying in this matter. He had no intimate relations with Rangili. Hearing it Rangili said he is misguiding Amma ji. Avtar said, ‘Amma ji, you send both to hospital for examination so that reality will come out automatically.’ Amma ji agreed to his proposal but also got angery and said how he dared making relations with Chanda when he was asked not to live with her. Amma ji ordered him to slap himself on his face. He obeyed the order of her and did as was told. Hearing the whole drama every woman in the Havelli got stunned.

Chanda was terrified and said to Avtar either to take stand on this issue or kill her. She was very sad and kept on weeping. Avtar tried to console her but in vain.

Siya explained the incidence to Raghav and showed her fear that what ever was being done in the Havelli was not good so he should look into this matter. Raghav said that in his opinion, there was no harm if both the ladies were sent to hospital for clarification.

Amma ji also looked worried that every body was doing according to one’s wish. So she had to take some strong steps to control the members of the family.

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