Magneseium Carbonica – for diarrhoea, toothache etc.

Magnesium Carbonica is used as a medicine both in Allopathy and Homeopathy. In allopathy it is used for sour stomach and for constipation.  It is difficult to say how much they, allopaths, use it nowadays. It is used in Homeopathy for stomach trouble, diarrhea and pain in abdomen as well as in some other ailments where its symptoms correspond with the symptoms of the patient.

In Homeopathy it has a particular type of stool in diarrhea. The stool is green in color and like a scum in a frogs’ pond. If you have ever seen scum in a pond where frogs live you can easily imagine the type of stool in Magnesium Carbonica. Homeopaths generally call it with its nick name that is ‘Mag Carb’. It is convenient to write it Mag-carb. It has diarrhea with pain in stomach. The patient doubles up from pain as in Colocynth, a homeopathic medicine. Its stool has a sour odor as found in Calc-Carb and in Rheum, other two names of homeopathic medicines. Such symptoms if any diarrhea patient contains, a dose of Mag-Carb is sufficient to relieve him. The pain is relieved after stool as found in Nux-Vom, a homeopathic medicine.

It is good in relieving toothache particularly during pregnancy. Pain in decayed tooth is especially marked in it. Gelsemium, a name of homeopathic medicine, is not marked for pain as its action is on motor activity so it is good for paralysis, trembling etc. but if the symptoms of the patient corresponds to the drug picture of Gelsemium it can relieve the pain of the patient too. In the same way it can cure some other diseases also where the symptoms of the drug agree to the patient’s symptoms. It is a brief picture of Mag-Carb. I am not writing complete drug picture of it as is not my aim but I want to mention a case of diarrhea which I treated with it.

Ms. A K, a girl aged 10 was suffering from diarrhea with pain in stomach as she had have dinner in a restaurant. The dinner as may be infected caused her the mentioned problem. I gave her a medicine and it controlled her diarrhea but tenesmus remained there. Next day, I again reviewed the case and found that the given medicine was partially similar. It was the case of Mag-Carb so it was given and a day after the girl was perfectly all right.

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