The Teenage is most Vulnerable

A child whose age is between thirteen and nineteen is called teenage child or teenager. This is the age when a child passes through new experiences along with his logical mind. His mind is sensitive to emotions. If some body tries to say something to him, he analyses it. If he finds it correct as per his own opinion he accepts it other wise rejects it. When elders oblige him to accept their opinion he bewilders in it and tries to revolt. He feels himself matured although people still consider him child. This is the reason he is kept in the new category called teenage. They are neither in the group of child nor in the class of young.

Some teenagers become irritated and show their retaliation by teasing their siblings. A few of them lose their interest in studies. A little number of them doesn’t react with this situation or the situation doesn’t affect them. A smaller group of teenager falls in to a danger zone where they revolt against their parents, schools or society. Under revolt they run away from home and are trapped in the hands of bad elements.

This is a true story of a girl who ran away from home and was pushed in to flesh trade. The girl Asha (a fictitious name) belonged to Andhra Pradesh and a daughter of a senior Govt. officer. She got annoyed at some point with her parents and decided to leave her home. She first went to church and then tried to find some job. Under this process a lady along with two small children met her. Asha told her problem and sought her help to get a job. The lady took her to Delhi. In Delhi they met another lady, called Madam, at GB Road area which is infamous for flesh trade. The madam locked her in a room. Now her doom days were started. Every day she was forced to live with a new man called customer. She was not allowed to go out or to meet any one. One day she got help from one of her customers and managed to phone her parents.

When she was absent from home her parents lodged a complaint with the police about her disappearance. Getting her news the parents contacted the local police and reached Delhi. The Andhra police approached the Delhi police. With the help of local police, the customer whose phone was used by Asha was searched out and he gave out the address of the place where Asha was locked up. Asha was released from the flesh traders and handed over to her parents.

Any thought whether revolutionary or other which comes in mind must be discussed with elders in whom you have faith. Other wise a mistake can change the path of life to unknown and dark road. It can occur at any age even though the teenage is most vulnerable.

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